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  Surgical Services

- Spay/Neuter

- Dewclaw removal (puppies and older dogs)

- Mass/tumor removals

- Dental extractions

- Wound/laceration repair

- Hernia repair

- Cherry eye repair/Entropion repair

- Abdominal exploratory

- Foreign body removal

- C-sections

- Limb amputation (from trauma or cancer)

Spays & Neuters

Spaying & Neutering your pet is always recommended.  It prevents devastating emergencies and illness as well as future expense and litters.

We try to spay & neuter our patients between 4-6 months of age.


 If we haven't seen your pet before or within 6 months of the surgery, a pre-surgical exam fee applies. These prices are subject to change.  They include pre-medication or sedation, IV medication, gas anesthesia, IV fluids if indicated, the surgery & materials, recovery in our clinic for up to 24 hours & pain medication to go home.


*Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - it decreases the risk of anesthesia & surgery by understanding internal conditions not visible to the doctor during exam

All About Anesthesia

Many people are afraid of anesthesia.  But, in truth, anesthesia is no longer what it used to be.  It is much safer than our old inhalant gases and medications.  Although anesthesia does carry some risk, complications are generally less than 1 percent. 


We have a licensed veterinary technician monitoring the anesthesia throughout the procedures.  We keep an eye on oxygen saturation (making sure your pet is getting enough oxygen to his tissues), blood pressure, electrocardiogram (electrical activity of the heart), and respiratory monitoring (how many breaths he's taking). 


We keep our anesthetic to the lowest dose possible and keep an IV catheter inserted in the vein, so we have fast and direct access in case of need for emergency medication. 

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