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If your pet is sick, you can trust us to help

The Enderlin Veterinary Clinic staff is committed to being there when you most need us.   We like to develop a relationship with you and your pet so when something isn't right, we are more attuned to what has changed.  We promise we will do our best to find the right solution for you & your companion. 

In-House Laboratory

After your initial examination, we have numerous resources to help diagnose your pet.

We have an in-house laboratory including capability to run complete blood counts (CBC), coagulation testing, blood chemistries, electrolytes, blood gases, urinalyses (urine test), blood smears, fecal examinations, thyroid panels, Heartworm and Lyme tests, and feline leukemia & FIV tests.  This means we can, in minutes, try to figure out why your pet is sick, and start helping.

Sometimes, we recognize your pet needs a test that we don't have the capability to run in-house.  In that case, we send those tests to local laboratories like the NDSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, and have results in the next day or two.

Digital X-ray & Ultrasound

We may be a small town veterinary service, but that doesn't mean you get antiquated equipment.  We offer digital x-rays and ultrasound services.  When we take an x-ray  we get results in a matter of seconds.  This is important not only for your pet in a life-threatening scenario, but also less waiting for you. 


Our ultrasound equipment is available for large and small animal use.  We are able to internally visualize your pet's internal organs and make better treatment and diagnostic decisions at the time of service without a referral.  We also use it for large animals for reproductive diagnosis and for lameness examinations.  

Hospitalization & Intensive Care

We're a small town, which means caring people. We are there for you and your pet, even in the middle of the night. We have IV fluids, warming pads, a full pharmacy, and kennels.

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