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Equine Services

When you want a friendly face that will remember you and your horse, the Enderlin Veterinary Clinic is the right place for you. 

Vaccinations & Preventative Medicine

Your horse may appear healthy, but they are faced every day with potentially destructive diseases and parasites.  Protect them with an annual examination and vaccinations.  Our veterinarians can help you potentially pick up on an issue early enough for effective treatment.  It's also helpful for keeping us in touch with your horse's every day behavior and appearance, so that we know what's off when your horse truly is sick.  Parasite protection with a regular deworming program & fecal parasite testing is truly the best option to help your horse hang on to his nutrition, without letting worms steal it away. 

Dental Equilibration (Floating)

Dental equilibration, or dental floating, is an essential but often overlooked item in a horse's routine health care program.  No horse's bite is perfect, and the hay, grain, and grass they chew can make the bite uneven.  An uneven bite leads to sharp points on the teeth which can cause ulcers on the cheeks and tongue.  This causes daily oral pain, dropping of feed, difficulty with the bit, weight loss, and attitude problems.  All horses should be floated at least once per year, with some seniors needing it twice a year.  Our Powerfloat safely takes off the points with ease.  Your horse will only require minimal sedation and will be back on the trailer in no time at all.

Diagnostic, Surgical, and Emergency Medicine

When your horse isn't feeling well, we are here for you.  After an examination, we are able to provide in-house bloodwork to help determine why your horse is sick.  Results are back in minutes instead of hours or days.  We have capability of ultrasound to perform reproductive examinations, lameness examinations, and some limited abdominal examinations.  We are able to perform surgical castrations, as well as some basic non-routine procedures.  And if your horse is colicking in the middle of the night, or has an accident, we can be there soon offering 24/7 emergency care, either in-house or in the field.

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