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Livestock Services

​Whether you're helping to feed the world, or just caring for your hobby farm brigade, we're here to help.​

We offer the following services:

- Vaccinations

- Deworming (With Consultation)

- Fecal examinations

- Diagnostic medicine/Testing

- Necropsy

- Hoof Care/Trimming

- General Surgery

- Reproductive Examinations & Consultations (including ultrasound capability)

- Breeding Soundness Examinations

- Dehorning

- Castration

- In-hospital Scour Treatment

- OB (Obstetrics) Services/Difficulty birthing/C-sections

- 24/7 Emergency Services

- General Herd Health Consultations

We offer a hydraulic chute with tipping ability. We can easily tilt your large bull or cow over to trim hooves or mend their foot. 

We are able to work small numbers of animals through our in-house working facility.  We can also provide larger herds their herdwork needs out in the field with our hydraulic chutes. 

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