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The Meeters and Greeters of the Clinic

As a veterinary clinic, we love our animals.  We have a few that like to stay here on a regular basis.  You may find them right at the door to greet you, on top of or under our desks, or in the arms of our staff.  Regardless, they are all friendly and happy to meet you.

Our mascot: Pirate.  He was a young kitten, with a very bad eye infection, that we adopted from a local farm.  His eye couldn't be saved, but his good looks and cute personality won us over.  We asked to keep him...and they let us.  Now, he terrorizes the clinic, finding things to play with.  Having one eye doesn't seem to slow him down!  Follow Pirate on his Facebook page!

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Visit Pirate's Facebook page to see more of his day to day adventures!

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